Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes policies on protecting your data while using the app.

Privacy of your data

The data you enter in the belongs to you in every shape and form. We do not sell, trade, release, or otherwise transfer your information to any outside parties.

How do we protect your data

When you register for using, we save your login data with one-way encryption. In other words, only you can access your account. We will never need to access your account, even when we need to help you better use the app via our dedicated customer care team.

What information do we collect

We use cookies to track general visits and to compile aggregate data about site interactions. Never, under any circumstances, do we collect or analyze data on per-user individual basis.

Information we collect from cookies is used to improve the app and to improve customer service. We continually strive to improve the app based on the information and feedback we receive from our users. Your information helps us effectively respond to your customer service requests and support needs.

Third party applications

Parts of are dependent on third-party applications. We do our very best to work with vendors who take our privacy seriously. We seek to protect the integrity of our site and our users.

Your Consent

By using our website and app, you consent to our web site privacy policy and you maintain the promise that you will be using the app for project/task-management purposes and not for reasons which could be harmful or not intended by app creators. Through our aggregate data, if we do notice malicious activity that may compromise the health of our app, we reserve the right to suspend any account until further notice.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

This policy has been in effect since February 2019, with minor corrections mainly in comprehension. We rarely make any major changes to this policy, however if do, we will Email you (as a registered user) about these new changes.

GDPR Compliance

On the very basic level of GDPR guidelines, we are fully GDPR compliant company. The data you enter on is completely yours, and you can delete or download it entirely from your account at any time. Upon deleting your data from, no trace of any data referring to your account will remain on our servers.

For any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at [email protected]