Terms and Conditions

Details on terms and conditions of using Claritask.com.

By using Claritask.com (app, company, we, us, our) you abide to the following terms and conditions, which are applicable to all accounts, without any exceptions.

Account Terms


You may use the app for the purpose of managing your projects and tasks as part of your legal entity in the state and country you operate in.


You are the sole owner of your login data within the app and you may not share this information with anyone else, under any circumstances. We hold no responsibility for any loss of your data caused by the misuse of your login data on your part.


You are responsible for the content you post within the app. The company holds no responsibility for any misused copyrighted material you may post in the app.



Upgrades & Downgrades may be executed through our in-app upgrades section. The company does not offer long-term contracts of any form. The app is served “as is” and offers no guarantees that it may or may not serve the features you may be requesting.

Account deletion

You are solely responsible for deleting your account. Upon account deletion, all your information will be permanently deleted and the company will hold no traces of your data. We are not responsible for any loss of your data due to an accidental account deletion. Account deletion is a two-step procedure, which determines your assurance for the account deletion.

Customer Happiness

We offer Email & Live Chat Tech Support.

Intellectual property

The company does not allow, under any circumstance, the copying or reuse of the app code for any purpose (for or non-profit). We hold the copyright to code, images (unless otherwise noted), and for all the engineering in the background that helps run the app.


By signing-up for Claritask.com services, you are automatically entered in our Newsletter database. Under no circumstances we share your Email address with anyone. From time to time we may Email you status updates, news, articles, and offers that we think you may find interesting. You can unsubscribe at any time directly from the Emails you receive.



We hold the right to modify the app without prior notice. These modifications may add or remove features which may cause changes to the app.


The company does not guarantee that the app is bug free, which may cause parts of the app to function improperly. The company will hold no responsibility if due to these errors you may experience delays or stoppage in service.

General Conditions


You understand that the company shall not be liable for any lack of service or misuse on your part of the service.

Denial of Services

We reserve the right to deny service to any company who misuses Claritask or is abusive towards our staff and customer support individuals.

Third Party

The company uses third party services. Even though the company has taken extreme measures to secure your data, we may not be liable if any data gets intercepted in transition while you are using our service as a result of a failure from our third-party partners.

Changes to our Terms and Conditions

These terms have been in effect since February 2019, with minor corrections mainly in comprehension. We rarely make any major changes to these terms, however if do, we will Email you (as a registered user) about these new changes.

For any questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at [email protected]